Take your first steps with Go


Interested in learning a programming language but aren't sure where to start? Start here! Learn the basic syntax and thought processes required to build simple programs using Go.

In this learning path, you'll:

  • Install the tools you need to write your first lines of Go code.
  • Learn how to use control flows in Go.
  • Learn about data types in Go.
  • Learn how to handle errors.
  • Use methods and interfaces
  • Learn how concurrency works in Go.
  • Write and test a program.


  • Some programming basics in general
  • Familiarity with at least one programming language

Modules in this learning path

In this module, you’ll start taking your first steps with Go.

Learn about the basic data types in Go and about how to declare variables, write functions, and use packages.

Learn how to use control flows in Go.

Learn about structs, arrays, slices, and maps. Understand the difference between them and when to use one type over the other.

Understand how to handle errors and log helpful information in your Go programs.

Learn about best practices for writing methods and interfaces in Go.

Understand more about concurrency, one of the most unique features in Go.

By using what you've learned about Go, write and test a complete program.