Implement advanced data visualization techniques by using Power BI

Data Analyst
Power BI

This learning path takes analysts through visualizing data in Power BI. You'll learn about visuals in Power BI reports, using Power BI to visualize real-time data, and visualizing data in paginated reports. This learning path helps you prepare for the Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Certification.


  • Ability to visualize data and create reports in Power BI Desktop.
  • Experience publishing reports to the Power BI Service.
  • Experience developing Power BI data models and creating reports and dashboards, and familiarity with DirectQuery storage mode. Visit the Visualize data in Power BI learning path to review pre-requisite knowledge.

Modules in this learning path

Create cohesive, inclusive, and efficient Power BI reports to effectively communicate results.

Describe real-time analytics in Power BI using automatic page refresh, real-time dashboards, and auto-refresh in paginated reports.

Paginated reports allow report developers to create Power BI artifacts that have tightly controlled rendering requirements. Paginated reports are ideal for creating sales invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and tabular data. This module will teach you how to create reports, add parameters, and work with tables and charts in paginated reports.