Implement virtual machine host security in Azure

Solution Architect
Security Engineer
Azure CLIs
Azure Portal
Azure Virtual Machines

Learn how to protect and harden your virtual machines in Azure. This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification.



Modules in this learning path

Learn how to incorporate security into your architecture design, and discover the tools that Azure provides to help you create a secure environment through all the layers of your architecture.

Learn how to create security baselines for your Azure services by ensuring that your settings meet the minimum requirements described in CIS Benchmarks for Azure v. 1.3.0.

Learn about standards and practices for planning, deploying, managing, and optimizing Linux VMs in Azure.

Azure allows you to use several common provisioning tools to deploy Linux virtual machines (VMs), to include Terraform, Bicep, the Azure portal, and the Azure CLI. In this module, you'll learn how to deploy a Linux virtual machine using each of these methods.

Azure virtual machines (VMs) enable you to create dedicated compute resources in minutes that can be used just like a physical desktop or server machine.

Use Azure Disk Encryption (ADE) to encrypt OS and data disks on existing and new VMs.

In this module, you discover how to protect VMs and servers with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.