MS-500 part 1 - Implement and manage identity and access

Security Engineer
Technology Manager
Azure Active Directory

Learn how to plan, implement, and manage the identity and access technologies in Microsoft 365. This learning path prepares you for skills evaluated on the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator certification exam.



Modules in this learning path

Access to cloud-based workloads needs to be controlled centrally by providing a definitive identity for each user and resource. You can ensure employees and vendors have just-enough access to do their job.

This module examines identity synchronization using Azure AD Connect and explores the authentication and provisioning options that can be used and the inner-workings of directory synchronization.

Creating a hybrid-identity solution to use your on-premises active directory can be challenging. Explore how to implement a secure hybrid-identity solution.

Inviting external users to use company Azure resources is a great benefit, but you want to do it in a secure way. Explore how to enable secure external collaboration.

This module examines various password-related tasks for user and admin accounts, such as creating and configuring password policies, configuring self-service password management, configuring multifactor authentication, and implementing entitlement packages and conditional access policies.

There are multiple options for authentication in Azure AD. Learn how to implement and manage the right authentications for users based on business needs.

Conditional Access gives a fine granularity of control over which users can do specific activities, access which resources, and how to ensure data and systems are safe.

Ensuring that administrative roles are protected and managed to increase your Azure solution security is a must. Explore how to use PIM to protect your data and resources.

When new users or external users join your site, quickly assigning them access to Azure solutions is a must. Explore how to entitle users to access your site and resources.

Protecting a user's identity by monitoring their usage and sign-in patterns will ensure a secure cloud solution. Explore how to design and implement Azure AD Identity protection.