MS-500 part 2 - Implement and manage threat protection

Security Engineer
Technology Manager
Microsoft Defender for Identity
Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Learn how to plan, implement, and manage threat protection technologies in Microsoft 365. This learning path prepares you for the second set of skills evaluated on the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator certification exam.



Modules in this learning path

Learn how Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can help your organization stay secure.

Learn how to deploy the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint environment, including onboarding devices and configuring security.

Microsoft Edge helps protect your network and devices from malicious attacks and helps prevent unauthorized access to, and leaks of, corporate data with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen and Microsoft Defender Application Guard.

Learn how Microsoft 365 encrypts data-at-rest and in-transit, securely manages encryption keys, and provides key management options to customers to meet their business needs and compliance obligations.

As part of application management, Microsoft Endpoint Manager helps you configure apps, protect app data, manage app policy assignments, and implement app security rules.

This module examines device compliance policies, how organizations effectively use them, how to create policies and configure conditional users and groups, how to build Conditional Access policies, and how to monitor enrolled devices.

Learn about the Microsoft Defender for Office 365 component of Microsoft 365 Defender.

This module describes how to query, visualize, and monitor data in Microsoft Sentinel.