The inclusive classroom: Find the correct learning tools to help all students achieve more

K-12 Educator
School Leader
Microsoft Teams
Office 365

Every student is unique with different strengths and abilities. Microsoft provides learning tools to help personalize learning experiences, thus empowering students to access and engage with the content being taught. Accessibility tools such as Immersive Reader, Read Aloud, Dictation, and Translator give students inclusive tools to access reading and writing in ways that meet diverse needs. Products such as Teams, Word, and OneNote Notebook not only allow for collaboration with peers, but also allow students and educators to organize their workflow. PowerPoint’s Presentation Coach, Flipgrid, and the new Reading Progress allow students to demonstrate mastery in student learning allowing for a more holistic student progress analysis. This learning path is designed to help teachers recognize and address various learning needs with Microsoft learning tools.

Learning objectives

  • Create an inclusive classroom which honors all differences using accessibility tools that will empower students to work independently.
  • Identify Microsoft accessibility platforms and tools to enhance student learning experiences through communication, collaboration, and expression.
  • Design opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery in subjects by using digital tools that provide access to student thought processes.



Modules in this learning path

Differentiation is building different ways of learning into lessons. Accommodations are tools that help students access materials and content that aren't otherwise accessible. Both are important during the planning, delivering, and wrap-up phases of lessons. Remote learning presents unique challenges that make it difficult to differentiate or make changes during a lesson. Building in opportunities for students to access the content and lesson; and work in different ways makes learning accessible and engaging for all students.

Learn to teach with the accessibility tools in Windows 10, Office 365, and apps including Teams, Immersive Reader, Math Tools, Word, Translator, and OneNote. Dive deep into areas of student need to learn about specific opportunities and considerations for special education and online learning.

This module is designed for educators of all subject areas who want to empower students to utilize tools to unlock their full potential by addressing a diversity of needs.

This module provides educators ways to use hybrid learning in the intermediate classroom. It expands on the hybrid learning introduction module by focusing on the needs and understanding of the learners in the intermediate grade levels. A specific focus is on creating opportunities for choice, autonomy, and collaboration. It demonstrates how Microsoft Teams, with other Microsoft digital tools, can be designed to be the hub for the intermediate learner.