Introduction to generative AI for trainers

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This learning path explores the potential applications of generative AI tools in your training and personal pursuits. You will learn how to create engaging educational materials by harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot and how to create images in diverse artistic styles using AI-powered image generators.



Modules in this learning path

This module serves as a guide to understanding the basics of generative AI including its applications. You will be introduced to Microsoft Copilot and the essential skills needed to use Large Language Models (LLMS) efficiently and responsibly.

This module covers the basic concepts of prompt engineering, the elements of an effective prompt, and best practices in prompting.

This module introduces you to AI-powered image generators, including their potential applications within the workplace and training sessions and best practices to follow.

This module focuses on practical demonstration of how Microsoft Copilot can serve as a training assistant. From content creation to helping you provide support to learners in various tasks such as writing a resume, working on professional growth, finding a new hobby, learning a new language, or even preparing for a test. The possibilities are vast and exciting with Microsoft Copilot.