Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: Generative AI

AI Engineer
Solution Architect
Azure OpenAI Service

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence in which models are trained to generate new original content based on natural language input. In other words, you can describe a desired output in normal everyday language, and the model can respond by creating appropriate text, image, or even code output.

Take this learning path to get started with generative AI. In it, you'll:

  • Understand how large language models form the foundation of generative AI
  • Describe how Azure OpenAI Service provides access to the latest generative AI technology
  • Understand how generative AI applications, such as copilots, support efficiencies
  • Describe how prompts and responses can be fine-tuned
  • Describe how Microsoft's responsible AI principles drive ethical AI advancements


Familiarity with Azure and the Azure portal.

Modules in this learning path

In this module, you explore the way in which language models enable AI applications and services to generate original content based on natural language input. You also learn how generative AI enables the creation of copilots that can assist humans in creative tasks.

Get to know the connection between artificial intelligence (AI), Responsible AI, and text, code, and image generation. Understand how you can use Azure OpenAI to build solutions against AI models within Azure.

Generative AI enables amazing creative solutions, but must be implemented responsibly to minimize the risk of harmful content generation.