Introduction to Power BI administration

Data Analyst
Power BI

Understand Power BI licensing and environment management, including the responsibilities of an administrator and setting up a Power BI tenant.


There are no prerequisites for this learning path.

Modules in this learning path

Power BI administration is the management of the organization-wide settings that control how Power BI works. Users that are assigned to admin roles configure, monitor, and provision organizational resources. This module provides an overview of administration roles, tasks, and tools to help you get started.

A Power BI environment is established through the Office 365 admin center and lives within Office 365 containers. The environment consists of Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and Power BI. Azure Active Directory (AAD) provides the backbone of the environment because it's where you create users and assign licenses using AAD functionality.

Working with on-premises data sources requires configuring a gateway between Power BI and the on-premises data source. This module examines how to work with gateways and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) data sources that are used either for scheduled refresh or for live connections.