Migrate virtual machines and apps using Azure Migrate

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The Virtual machine and app migration using Azure Migrate learning path gives you a step-by-step process to help you understand, set up, assess, and migrate virtual and physical servers, databases, applications, and virtual desktops from on-premises to the Azure infrastructure. Azure Migrate now includes fully integrated and optimized migration-specific tools previously available only in Azure Site Recovery.


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure.

Modules in this learning path

Discover how Azure Migrate helps you realize the benefits of moving your on-premises VMware or Hyper-V server workloads to Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Learn the process for migrating your workload agent-less, all within the hub.

Learn how to check your prerequisite configurations in Azure and in your VMware vSphere environment and then perform the initial steps in Azure Migrate to choose your assessment and migration tools.

Explore the Azure Migrate tools for discovering and assessing your virtual machine servers. Learn how to install and configure a virtual machine appliance in your virtualization host infrastructure.

Learn the process for replicating, testing, and finally migrating your virtual machines into production.