Microsoft 365 - Modernize your enterprise deployment with Windows devices and Microsoft 365 Apps

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Microsoft 365 helps you create a secure, always-up-to-date environment by using Windows devices that run Microsoft 365 Apps and are managed by Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Learn the recommended steps to upgrade your organization to Windows devices and Microsoft 365 Apps, including how to leverage your existing tools and processes while adopting modern management technology and approaches along the way. This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Associate certification.


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft 365.

Modules in this learning path

Discover best practices for ensuring a smooth transition to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps by using the eight-step deployment process.

Learn about the four-step process for analyzing device and application readiness and the tools provided by Microsoft to help you get ready, from the Desktop Analytics with Configuration Manager to the Readiness Toolkit for Office.

When it comes to preparing your network for a deployment, you need to take into consideration any and all components that have an impact on bandwidth. In this module, we’ll explore the tools and options for preparing your directory services and network for deployment to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps.

Learn how Click-to-Run packaging with Microsoft 365 Apps provides new options to configure, deliver, and keep your Office apps up-to-date. Ensure your third-party and business apps are packaged and ready for automated installation.

When refreshing or replacing PCs, it is important to give users a like-for-like experience on their new device to minimize productivity downtime. Whether using a manual or automated process, learn about the different options for ensuring users’ files and settings have been captured and migrated.

Learn about changes to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps that help you protect your data, devices, and users while quickly detecting and responding to threats. Learn about anti-malware app compatibility, policies when moving to Windows 10, and how to deal with common problems associated with disk encryption.

Learn how to take advantage of familiar options, such as task sequence-based deployment, or modern options such as Windows Autopilot to help automate large scale, phased deployment for bare metal installs, PC refresh, and PC replacement. Additionally, understand how upgrading task sequences can help organizations stay current with major semi-annual updates.

Both Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps continually add new capabilities to keep bringing user experiences and security forward with the latest innovations. Learn how to stay current with semi-annual and monthly updates, how the new servicing model works, and what tools and options are available.

To ensure your workforce remains productive and secure, they need to be informed about new experiences, features, and functionalities within Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps.