Explore Microsoft Graph scenarios for ASP.NET Core development

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Graph

This learning path includes hands-on exercises that will show you how to perform common tasks, such as showing a user's emails, accessing calendar events, and downloading and uploading files, in an ASP.NET Core app using Microsoft Graph APIs.


Modules in this learning path

Learn how to show a user's emails in ASP.NET Core apps with Microsoft Graph. Also, learn how to optimize Microsoft Graph queries and load email in batches.

Microsoft Graph provides access to data stored across Microsoft 365 services. In this module, you'll learn how to access Microsoft 365 data to show a user's default calendar in an ASP.NET Core application by using Microsoft Graph APIs and SDKs. To make sure that the web app only shows what's immediately relevant to the user, you'll access and display instances of events for a given period.

Learn how to list, download, and upload a user's files in an ASP.NET Core application by using Microsoft Graph.