Use OneDrive in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that connects your users to all their files on any device. As an admin for OneDrive, you’ll learn what components make up OneDrive along with the deployment, configuration, and management options you have. When you’re done, you’ll understand how to help users use OneDrive to connect to all their files so they can share and work together from anywhere.


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft 365

Modules in this learning path

Discover how your users will interact with Microsoft OneDrive and how OneDrive makes collaboration better. Learn how your users store, sync, and work with files across all devices and how OneDrive within Microsoft 365 allows people to do just that.

Learn the different options for migration and how you can ensure you choose the best route for your organization.

Learn what you as an administrator need to know for planning and configuring external sharing in OneDrive. External sharing is a core collaboration feature of OneDrive and has multiple configuration scenarios available to every organization. Learn what different sharing options exist and how they relate to your users’ sharing experience across applications and devices.

The management of OneDrive is ongoing after your rollout. Learn how to view reports of usage and activity within OneDrive to better understand what is happening in your organization and how to audit activities that occur. Learn what you can do to further protect files in OneDrive and also ensure they are retained and available after a user leaves the organization.