Manage the lifecycle of your projects on GitHub

DevOps Engineer
Solution Architect

Take full control of your GitHub projects. Through work planning and tracking, effective branching strategies, and extending GitHub through its API, manage releases all the way from idea to working software in the hands of your users.

In this learning path, you'll learn how to:

  • Use GitHub project boards to plan and track work.
  • Package, version, and deliver software releases to consumers.
  • Choose a branching strategy that enables team members to work in parallel.
  • Resolve conflicts in code changes from multiple contributors.
  • Use the GitHub API and GitHub Apps to build tools that improve your processes.
  • Explore the history of your GitHub repository through issues, pull requests, and search.


Modules in this learning path

Learn to use key GitHub features, including issues, notifications, branches, commits, and pull requests.

Learn to implement a release based workflow on GitHub using project boards, branches, and releases.

Learn how to manage changes to your repository source by using pull requests.

Learn to settle overlapping commits across branches by using merge conflict resolution.

Optimize the value of GitHub Apps and features to manage users in your workflow to help speed up your processes while maintaining efficiency, security, and reliability.

Learn to search and organize repository history by using filters, blame, and cross-linking on GitHub.