AZ-500: Manage security operations

Security Engineer
Azure Log Analytics
Azure Monitor
Microsoft Defender for Cloud
Microsoft Sentinel

Master the art of managing security operations in Azure, from governance and policy creation to infrastructure security, key management, security posture, threat protection, and advanced security monitoring and automation.


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Modules in this learning path

This module focuses on enabling administrators to effectively plan, implement, and manage security governance in Azure, ensuring compliance with organizational policies and best practices.

This module teaches administrators to manage and improve cloud security using Microsoft Defender for Cloud, focusing on proactive risk identification and remediation.

This module focuses on configuring and managing security monitoring and automation solutions using Azure Monitor and Microsoft Sentinel, enabling organizations to proactively identify and respond to security incidents in their cloud environment.

This module teaches how to set up and manage security tools with Azure Monitor and Microsoft Sentinel. It helps organizations quickly find and deal with security issues in their cloud setup.