MS-102 Manage your Microsoft 365 tenant

Solution Architect
Technology Manager
Microsoft 365
Office 365

This learning path provides instruction on how to manage your Microsoft 365 tenant, including administrative roles, tenant health and services, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, and workplace analytics using Microsoft Viva Insights.


  • Students should have completed a role-based administrator training collection such as Messaging, Teamwork, Security and Compliance, or Collaboration.
  • Students should have a proficient understanding of DNS and basic functional experience with Microsoft 365 services.
  • Students must have a proficient understanding of general IT practices.
  • Students should have a working knowledge of PowerShell.

Modules in this learning path

This module examines the key functionality that's available in the more commonly used Microsoft 365 admin roles. It also provides instruction on how to configure these roles.

This module examines how to monitor your organization's transition to Microsoft 365 using Microsoft 365 tools. It also examines how to develop an incident response plan and request assistance from Microsoft.

This module examines how to implement the Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise productivity suite in both user-driven and centralized deployments.

This module examines the workplace analytical features of Microsoft Viva Insights, including how it works, and how it generates insights and improves collaboration within an organization.