Monitor and troubleshoot Windows Server environments

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Technology Manager
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Windows Server

Learn to use monitoring and troubleshooting tools, processes, and best practices to streamline app performance and availability of your Windows Server environment and your Windows Server IaaS VMs and hybrid instances.


  • Knowledge of core Microsoft compute, storage, networking, and virtualization technologies
  • Working knowledge of common Windows Server management tools
  • Some experience of typical Windows Server workloads
  • Basic knowledge of Windows PowerShell.
  • Experience implementing and managing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) services in Azure
  • Experience working with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Experience working with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Modules in this learning path

You'll be able to implement Azure Monitor for IaaS VMs in Azure, implement Azure Monitor in on-premises environments, and use dependency maps.

Learn how to monitor your Azure VMs by using Azure Monitor to collect and analyze VM host and client metrics and logs.

Learn to use a range of Windows Server tools to monitor the operating system and applications on a server computer. You'll also learn to configure your system to optimize efficiency and to troubleshoot problems.

Learn how Event Viewer provides a convenient and accessible location for you to observe events that occur. Access event information quickly and conveniently. Learn how to interpret the data in the event log.

Learn to audit and diagnose your Windows Server environment for regulatory compliance, user activity, and troubleshooting. Implement security best practices through regular audits of your network environment to gain early warning of potential malicious activity.

Learn to troubleshoot on-premises connectivity and hybrid network connectivity. Diagnose common issues with DHCP, name resolution, IP configuration, and routing that can cause reliability and connectivity problems in an on-premises and a hybrid environment.

Learn to troubleshoot configuration issues that impact connectivity to your Azure-hosted Windows Server virtual machines (VMs). Explore approaches to resolve issues with VM startup, extensions, performance, storage, and encryption.

Learn how to troubleshoot AD DS service failures or degraded performance. Learn how to recover deleted security objects and the AD DS database, and how to troubleshoot hybrid authentication issues.