Optimize query performance in Azure SQL

Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Database Administrator
Azure SQL Database
SQL Server

Analyze individual query performance and determine where improvements can be made. Explore performance-related Dynamic Management Objects. Investigate how indexes and database design affect queries.


  • Ability to use tools for running queries against a Microsoft SQL database, either on-premises on cloud-based
  • Ability to write code in the SQL language, particularly the Microsoft T-SQL dialect, at a basic level.
  • Basic understanding of structure and usage of SQL Server indexes
  • Basic understanding of relational database concepts

Modules in this learning path

Read and understand various forms of execution plans. Compare estimated vs actual plans. Learn how and why plans are generated. Understand the purpose and benefits of the Query Store.

Explore normalization for relational databases. Investigate the impact of proper datatype usage. Compare types of indexes.

Evaluate possible changes to indexes. Determine the impact of changes to queries and indexes. Explore Query Store hints.