Plan and implement a high availability and disaster recovery environment

Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Database Administrator
Azure SQL Database
SQL Server

Data must be available when needed. Configure, test and manage a solution for high availability and disaster recovery using Azure tools and SQL Server tools.


  • Experience creating and configuring resources using the Azure portal
  • Basic understanding of SQL Server file storage
  • Familiarity with SQL Server database files for data and log
  • Familiarity with purpose and management of SQL Server transaction log

Modules in this learning path

Plan an appropriate high availability and disaster recovery strategy based on recovery time objective and recovery point objective. Choose the best solution for IaaS or PaaS deployments or hybrid workloads.

Deploy Windows Server Failover Cluster and availability groups in Azure and hybrid environments. Configure temporal tables, geo-replication, and auto-failover groups.

Plan and implement policy for recovering data if user errors occur or the technology fails. Explore various options for how and where to back up and restore databases.