Program with Transact-SQL

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Learn how to use programming techniques in your Transact-SQL.


  • Familiarity with working with tables of data
  • Familiarity with Transact-SQL

Modules in this learning path

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) provides a robust programming language with features that let you temporarily store values in variables, apply conditional execution of commands, pass parameters to stored procedures, and control the flow of your programs.

Learn how to use Stored procedures to group T-SQL statements so they can be used and reused whenever needed. You may need to execute stored procedures that someone else has created or create your own.

Transact-SQL is a powerful declarative language that lets you explore and manipulate your database. As the complexity of your programs increase, so does the risk of errors occurring.

Learn how to construct transactions to control the behavior of multiple Transact-SQL statements. You will learn how to determine whether an error has occurred, and when to roll back statements.