Use Python basics to solve mysteries and find answers

Visual Studio Code

You are a novice but dedicated sleuth, and you enjoy solving mysteries. Harness the power of Python and Visual Studio Code to find solutions programmatically and resolve intrigue.

In this learning path, you'll:

  • Discover ways you can engage with code to solve basic problems
  • Write your first lines in Python
  • Build a message decoder program
  • Create a personality quiz to determine your super sleuth character

No coding experience is required to complete this learning path on Microsoft Learn.

After you complete this learning path, you'll have a great foundation to build on in later Python learning paths.


This learning path is part of a multimodal learning experience. Start the first module to see how you can follow along!



Modules in this learning path

Get started with learning Python by installing and configuring the tools you'll need to build real applications.

You're handed a secret message that needs a code cracker to find the truth. Learn how to solve the code mystery to reveal a location and date to find a hidden treasure. Get a glimpse into the popular Python programming language with this introductory lesson that requires no coding experience.

What is your super sleuth personality? Use Python to build a quiz to share with your friends by using Boolean commands and conditionals.