Quantum computing foundations

Quantum Development Kit

Welcome to the world of quantum computing!

Whether you're a developer or simply someone who wants to get a feel for what quantum computing is all about, this learning path is a great place to start exploring quantum computing and optimization.

Imagine you're the new member of a space crew. The spaceship is equipped with a computer that has access to the Azure Quantum servers on Earth and you can use the power of quantum to complete different tasks. During your training as a new crew member, you'll learn about quantum computing and optimization and how to use the Microsoft Azure Quantum service.

Welcome aboard!

Spaceship of the quantum exploration crew.

After completing this learning path, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of quantum computing.
  • Identify the kinds of problems quantum algorithms can solve more efficiently than classical algorithms.
  • Build basic quantum programs by using the Quantum Development Kit and Q#.
  • Interact with the Azure Quantum cloud service.
  • Adapt and create Q# applications to run them on actual hardware.
  • Estimate physical resources for quantum algorithms using Azure Quantum
  • Apply quantum-inspired optimization to a combinatorial optimization problem.
  • Solve a job shop scheduling optimization problem.



Modules in this learning path

Learn how to get started with Azure Quantum, what it has to offer, and how to create an Azure Quantum workspace to run jobs in the cloud.

Get started with Q# programming by building a quantum random number generator.

Learn the fundamental concepts of quantum computing by using tools in Q# and the Quantum Development Kit.

Learn why resource estimation is crucial in the development of quantum computing, and learn how to use the Azure Quantum Resource Estimator.

Learn about libraries in Q# and how to add them to your projects, discover the Q# API documentation, implement another application of Grover's algorithm by using the standard library, and write documentation for your own code.

Get started with quantum computing on Azure Quantum and learn how to create and run Q# quantum programs on quantum computers in the cloud.

Learn how quantum-inspired algorithms mimic quantum physics to solve difficult optimization problems.

Learn how to use the Azure Quantum optimization service to solve a job shop scheduling problem.