Take your first steps with Rust


Interested in learning a new programming language that's growing in use and popularity? Start here! Lay the foundation of knowledge you need to build fast and effective programs in Rust.

In this learning path, you'll:

  • Install the tools you need to write your first lines of Rust code.
  • Learn basic concepts in Rust.
  • Learn how to handle errors.
  • Manage memory in Rust.
  • Use generic types and traits.
  • Set up modules for packages and crates.
  • Write and run automated tests.
  • Create a command-line program.



Modules in this learning path

A quick introduction to Rust language features and how Rust compares with other programming languages.

Learn how to set up the Rust development environment, write a program, and use the Cargo build system.

Learn about Rust concepts, including variables, data types, and functions.

Explore Rust compound data types like arrays and vectors. Discover how to use if/else statements to test conditions.

Explore how to use hash maps in Rust. Discover how to use loop expressions to iterate through data.

In this module, you'll learn about ways to handle errors in Rust.

Discover the features that make Rust so unique: ownership and borrowing.

Understand what generic types and traits are and how to use them in Rust.

Learn about how to effectively use modules and how to integrate with packages and third-party crates.

Learn about the types of testing you can do with Rust.

Create a command-line program to manage to-do list items.