Use multiple currencies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Dynamics 365
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Do you work with multiple currencies? If you do, this path will help you understand the steps you need to complete to set up and use multiple currencies, process payments and invoices in different currencies, and adjust exchange rates when necessary.


  • Basic understanding of currency exchange rates, the chart of accounts, and Business Central navigation.
  • Some basic knowledge of the purchase and sales processes.

Modules in this learning path

If you want to know how to start using foreign currencies in Business Central, follow along with this module, which explains how to create currencies and enter exchange rates.

Do you need to use foreign currencies with sales and purchase documents? If so, then this module is for you. This module focuses on how you can create and post sales and purchase documents in foreign currencies. It also demonstrates how to analyze customer and vendor ledger entries in foreign currencies.

Do you want to know how to adjust exchange rates in Business Central? If so, then follow along with this module to discover how to run the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job. You can update LCY amounts for posted entries in Business Central and program post-realized and unrealized exchange rate differences.

Do you want to find out how to process foreign currency payments in Business Central? If so, follow along with this module, which explains processing foreign currency payments from the cash receipt journal and the payment journal in Business Central.

Do you want to analyze your business in another currency? If so, complete this module and find out how you can set up another reporting currency to display general ledger results in a currency other than the local one.