Validate your skills architecting solutions for customers and products

Data Analyst
Solution Architect
Dynamics 365

In this workshop you're analyzing and architecting solutions based on a series of sheets in a planning workbook. You're choosing the company to use, so we’ve given you detail based on industry standards.


• Experience architecting solutions using Dynamics 365 Finance

Modules in this learning path

Learn how to ask customers questions about their business processes and feature requirements to create a viable solution.

A fit gap analysis identifies the difference between the known requirements and the proposed or current solution. This module covers performing a fit gap analysis.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the management of computer programs, which includes managing requirements, software architecture, software development, software maintenance, change management, continuous integration, project management, and released management. Learn about ALM to plan, create, test, and implement code for finance and operations apps.

In this challenge project, your chosen company may or may not exactly fit the guidelines here, use creative license to evaluate and architect solutions for the new product line they are planning.