Use Visual Studio for modern development

Visual Studio IDE

Want to learn more about using Visual Studio to develop and test apps, but don't know where to start? Start here! In this learning path you'll:

  • Learn about the main features in the Visual Studio IDE that help you debug, edit, collaborate, and publish your apps.
  • Explore software testing concepts.
  • Author tests for your product code and use the test explorer in Visual Studio to manage test suites.



Modules in this learning path

Visual Studio brings advanced editing, debugging, and customization to your everyday programming tasks. As you program, Visual Studio can help you diagnose issues quickly to get you unblocked and back to building and publishing your apps.

Describe the common best practices, theory, and patterns of writing tests. Characterize the types of problems that testing can solve for your repository.

Start testing your C# apps by using the testing tools in Visual Studio.

Learn how to efficiently debug your .NET app by using Visual Studio to fix your bugs quickly.