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Viva Connections is a customizable employee experience app in Microsoft Teams that connects your employees to tasks, organizational news, people, and resources. This learning path introduces you to the Viva Connections experience, show you how to plan, build, launch and monitor the customized app.


  • Access to an instance of Viva Connections

Modules in this learning path

Viva Connections is built on your current Microsoft 365 ecosystem to provide tailored employee experiences. Learn the main components of Viva Connections, what users experience with it, when to use Viva Connections, and its technical requirements.

Thoughtful planning is the beginning of the successful deployment of Viva Connections. Learn how to set up your intranet environment to meet technical requirements, and how to build a team of stakeholders to conduct a needs assessment for Viva Connections. Then learn how to use the needs assessment results to plan the Dashboard cards, Feed, and Resources. Lastly, learn how to plan for the launch.

Learn how to set up each component of Viva Connections - the Dashboard, the Feed, and Resources. First, you learn about how to meet technical requirements. Then, get guidance on how to set up and personalize each component of the experience. Lastly, we cover prelaunch considerations.

Now that you're finishing building and customizing your plan, it’s time to announce the launch and availability of Viva Connections throughout your organization. Learn more about the best practices for announcing and launching Viva Connections and ways to manage change and evaluate adoption in your organization.