Work with relational data in Azure

Data Engineer
SQL Database
Cloud Shell

Azure supports several popular SQL-based database solutions including SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Learn how to use these enterprise data solutions in Azure to store and retrieve your app's data in the cloud. This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification.



Modules in this learning path

Use the Azure portal and Cloud Shell to provision, connect, and manage Azure SQL databases.

In this module, you will learn to demonstrate the benefits and processes for moving a SQL Server database to Azure SQL Database.

This module is a no-code introduction to PostgreSQL on Azure, including an explanation of particular problems that using Azure Database for PostgreSQL can solve. At a high level, we show how the components fit together and identify situations where you should use Azure to host PostgreSQL workloads.

SQL elastic pools allow you to manage performance and cost for a collection of SQL databases.

Secure your Azure SQL Database to keep your data secure and diagnose potential security concerns as they happen.

Create a database on Azure SQL Database to store data for an application, and create an ASP.NET application to query data from the database.