Troubleshooting common training issues in Microsoft Learn

We're continually improving the Microsoft Learn training experience, but if you have an issue, try one of these troubleshooting steps to get unblocked quickly.

Common issue or error message Recommended quick fix
"MSA account requires additional verification steps." The Microsoft account that you use to sign into Microsoft Learn may need verification if you haven't used that account for a while, or if your account requires email or phone verification. You'll need to resolve your account sign-in issue through to use it on Microsoft Learn.
"You've used all of your sandboxes for today." You can activate up to four sandbox environments per day. Once you've used all your sandboxes for the day, you'll need to wait 24 hours before you can activate more sandboxes.
"An unexpected error occurred" or "Hmm, something went wrong." These errors appear when you're activating the sandbox. Select the Retry activating sandbox button, or sign out and log back into your user before trying again.
"Invitation redemption failed." Navigate back to the unit page and accept the invitation again.
Unable to start the Cloud Shell You need to have third-party cookies enabled in your browser. Use the following steps for your browser to enable them.

Edge - go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies > Don't block cookies
Internet Explorer - go to Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced > Accept Third-party Cookies
Firefox - go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Accept Third-party Cookies
Chrome - go to Settings > Privacy and security > Content Setting > Cookies, and turn off "Block third-party cookies."
"You're signed into the Cloud Shell with an account that's different from your Microsoft Learn account." Select Sign out below the error message. If that still doesn't fix the issue, try clearing your browser's cache/cookies, or sign-in with an incognito window.
"Cloud Shell exceeds the active user quota." The Cloud Shells that we have available are currently all in use. Try refreshing the page, or returning 20 minutes later.
"Your account or connection was flagged for unusual activity. Because of this we've suspended your access to the [lab environment]. If you think we've made an error, you can submit an appeal to regain access." This can happen when our automated fraud system detects potential misuse of the platform, for example, banned code, unexpected actions outside of the lab activities, or high resource utilization. Once banned, all Microsoft Learn sandbox activations will be blocked. Use the Appeal button to submit a review request. Our fraud team will verify the lab activity and unblock the sandbox within 24-36 hours if the appeal is successful.
"AuthorizationFailed", "doesn't have authorization to perform action", or "resource group not found" Try the steps again by signing in through a new, private browser window. If that still doesn't fix the issue, try clearing your browser's cache/cookies, or sign-in with an incognito window.
"Storage creation failed." If that still doesn't fix the issue, try clearing your browser's cache/cookies, or sign-in with an incognito window.
"You're unable to provision Azure resources." For security reasons, users with addresses are prevented from opening the sandbox. You won't see this issue if you sign in with your personal Microsoft account.
Azure Cloud Shell opens without bringing up the prompt. This is a known issue in Microsoft Edge and Safari. For now, use Chrome for the best user experience.
The resource group is in a deprovisioning state and can't perform this operation, or the resource group is deleted. There's a one-hour time limit for virtual machine sandboxes. Once the sandbox expires, you can activate a new sandbox and start the module over.
Progress isn't saving. Progress can take a few seconds to register in our system, so it might look like it isn't registered right away. Try refreshing the page after a few seconds.
Completing a module or learning path doesn't grant you a badge/trophy. This issue primarily occurs when using Internet Explorer to view profiles. Try again with a different browser.
"No such file or directory" Confirm your location in the folder structure within the module is the correct location for your commands.
The sandbox for this module is temporarily disabled for maintenance. We're working on improvements to the modules. When this message is disabled, you can use the sandbox in this module again.
You can't register your account. Open your browser in InPrivate/private browsing and try to register again.
1. Open the Console in your browser, which is normally able to be opened by pressing F12.
2. In the Console window, retry your registration.
3. If it continues to fail, take a screenshot of any error shown in the Console window.
Linking a personal or work account.
Follow these steps:
1. Sign-in to your existing profile
2. Navigate to the profile page
3. Select the Settings tab
4. Under Account Management, + select "Add account"
5. Sign in with the account you're linking to complete

If you receive a message saying "You're about to merge these two profiles", it means the account you're linking has already registered a profile. If you continue on the flow, you can merge your user data of both profiles together. See Can I merge two profiles of mine into one for more details. Remember: each profile can have one personal account and up to five work or school accounts linked.
You can't activate a Sandbox using your "" account. This is a known issue. Currently, accounts can't be used to activate a Learn sandbox. Sign-in with another Microsoft account, such as an account, or create a new Microsoft account for free at

If you created your Learn profile using an account, you can link a second Microsoft account in your profile. Navigate to your Learn profile, select "Settings" in the left-side navigation menu, scroll to "Account Management" to find the header "Linked accounts." Select "+ Add account," then follow the prompts to sign-in with the other Microsoft account.
You're having issues with a Cloud Skills Challenge. Email the support alias provided on your challenge page. Include the URL of your challenge and your Microsoft Learn profile username. Note: If your challenge has winners and prizes, refer to your challenge official rules.
"Failed to connect to MSI. Please make sure MSI is configured correctly." This is a known issue on CloudShell. In order to resolve this issue, please navigate to the Azure CloudShell from the module page and run 'az login' and then follow the steps in the module.

Report feedback for training

There's a link to report feedback for training at the bottom of each unit in a Learn module. This will allow you to send our teams communication about the content or Learn experience.


Reporting feedback is a one way communication. We will review and address all issues that are received, however, we will not be responding back at this time.