The difference between the "Print/Age as of" option in the Aged Trial Balance and in the Historical Aged Trial Balance

The Historical Aged Trial Balance is for previous periods and the Aged Trial Balance will include everything that has been posted but is unapplied or partially applied. In the Aged Trial Balance, what does the Print/Age as of field do, and will it make a difference if I put a different date in this field?

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics GP
Original KB number:   853181

The Print/Age as of option in the Aged Trial Balance is used to select how you want to age the documents included on the report. The date that you enter in the field will be the date that the report is aged as of.

The Aged Trial Balance includes all open documents aged according to the Print/Age as of date. The Historical Trial Balance also includes all open documents, and it also includes all Historical Transactions within the Print/Age as of date. It's aged according to this date as well.

For example, an open document dated 7/15/07 will be included in the Current Column on the Aged Trial Balance report if it's aged as of 6/30/07. If you print the same report and change the Aged as of date to 8/30/07, the document will appear in the 31-60 Days column, depending how you're aging in the PM Setup. The same document won't be included on the Historical Aged Trial Balance if you have your Age as of date set to 6/30/07 and if the document date is 7/15/07.