Intune can't uninstall apps that are installed from Apple App Store

This article gives a workaround solution to help you uninstall apps in Microsoft Intune that were installed from the Apple App Store.


An iOS device that's enrolled in Intune contains some apps that are installed from the Apple App Store. In this scenario, these apps can't be uninstalled by using Intune.

This behavior is by design. Intune can uninstall only apps that are deployed through the mobile device management (MDM) channel.


To work around this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Add the apps to Intune, then assign the apps as Available or Required.


    After the apps are assigned, you are prompted to allow Intune to take over management of the apps on the device.

  2. To remove the apps from devices in the assigned group, change the assignment type to Uninstall.


    Depending on the installation type and number of devices, it may take some time before you can safely change the assignment type to Uninstall. Use a phased approach, if it's necessary.

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