Verify on-premises NDES configuration for SCEP certificates in Intune

This article gives troubleshooting steps to help determine whether you have correctly configured your on-premises infrastructure to use Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) certificates in Microsoft Intune.

Complete these steps to validate your on-premises Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) configuration.

  1. Open the Validate-NDESConfiguration.ps1 script and copy it to your NDES server.

    Screenshot of opening the Validate-NDESConfiguration.ps1 script.

  2. On the NDES server, run PowerShell as administrator. You may have to change PowerShell ExecutionPolicy to Unrestricted to run the script.


    Do not forget to change it back to the original setting once done .

  3. Values for the following parameters are required:

  4. The following screenshot occurs when the Validate-NDESConfiguration.ps1 script is run.

    Screenshot of running script in PowerShell.

  5. Type Y to continue.

  6. The Validate-NDESConfiguration.ps1 script continues and finishes all required checks.

    Screenshot shows script finished all required checks.

  7. When the Validate-NDESConfiguration.ps1 script is finished, you are prompted to generate a report.

    You're prompted to generate a report.

  8. Type Y or N to review the reports.