List of attributes that are synced from AD DS to Intune

The following table lists the attributes that are synced from the on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to Microsoft Intune.


Objects must contain values in the following attributes to be considered for sync.

Attribute name User Contact Group Intune required Description of attribute
AccountEnabled X X States whether the account is active
c X X X Country/Region code
cn X X Common name of the object
description X X X X Human-readable descriptive phrases about the object
displayName X X X X Display name for the object, usually the combination of the user's first name, middle initial, and last name
mail X X X X Lists the email addresses for a user or contact
mailnickname X X X X Friendly name for mail
member X X Object, not attribute
objectSID X Unique object ID
proxyAddresses X X X X The address by which a Microsoft Exchange Server recipient object is recognized in a foreign mail system
pwdLastSet X Stores the time of last password change
securityEnabled X X Specifies whether the group is a security group
sourceAnchor X X Each account in your local on-premises environment will be linked to the corresponding Microsoft Entra account through the sourceAnchor value
usageLocation X Usage location
userPrincipalName X X X UPN