Common error codes and descriptions in Microsoft Intune

This article lists common errors, status codes, descriptions, and possible solutions when accessing organization resources. Use this information to help troubleshoot access issues when using Microsoft Intune.

If you need support help, see get support in Microsoft Intune.

Status codes for MDM managed Windows devices

Status code Error message What to do
10 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_IN_PROGRESS) Installation in progress
30 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_ERROR_RETRIEVING_CONTENT) Retrieving content Probable Cause: Job status 30 indicates that a user download of an app failed.

Likely causes for this may be:

The device lost Internet connectivity while the download was in progress.

The certificate issued to the device at the time of enrollment may have expired.


Launch the Company Apps app from Control Panel on the device to confirm that the device certificate hasn't expired; if it has then you will need to re-enroll the device.

Confirm that the device is connected to the Internet and try to request the app again.
60 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_ERROR_INSTALLING) Installation ​Error occurred The app installation failed after download.

The code signing certificate with which app was signed is not present on the device.

A framework dependency on which the application depends is not found installed on the device.

Ensure that the code signing certificate with which your app was signed is present on the device and confirm with the admin that such a certificate was targeted for all enterprise enrolled Windows RT devices.

In case the installation failure is due to a missing framework dependency, the admin will have to re-publish the application again packaging the framework along with the application package.

The application package downloaded isn't a valid package, may have been corrupted, or may not be compatible with the OS version on the device.
70 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_SUCCEEDED) Installation Success
80 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_IN_PROGRESS) Uninstall in progress
90 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_ERROR) Uninstall Error occurred
110 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_ERROR) Content hash mismatch
120 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_ERROR) SLK / side loading not enabled
130 (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_ERROR) MSADP license install failed
No status (APP_CI_ENFORCEMENT_UNKNOWN) n/a The status is currently unknown.

Company resource access (common errors)

Status code Hexadecimal error code Error message
-2016281101 0x87D1FDF3 MDM CRP request not found
-2016281102 0x87D1FDF2 NDES URL not found
-2016281103 0x87D1FDF1 MDM CRP certificate info not found
-2016281104 0x87D1FDF0 MDM CI certificate info not found
-2016281105 0x87D1FDEF Failed to evaluate the Rule
-2016281106 0x87D1FDEE Not applicable because it lost in conflict resolution
-2016281107 0x87D1FDED Unsupported setting discovery source
-2016281108 0x87D1FDEC Referenced setting not found in CI
-2016281109 0x87D1FDEB Data type conversion failed
-2016281110 0x87D1FDEA Invalid parameter to CIM setting
-2016281111 0x87D1FDE9 Not applicable for this device
-2016281112 0x87D1FDE8 Remediation failed
-2016330905 0x87D13B67 The app state is unknown
-2016330906 0x87D13B66 The app is managed, but has been removed by the user
-2016330907 0x87D13B65 The device is redeeming the redemption code
-2016330908 0x87D13B64 The app install has failed
-2016330909 0x87D13B63 The user rejected the offer to update the app
-2016330910 0x87D13B62 The user rejected the offer to install the app
-2016330911 0x87D13B61 The user has installed the app before managed app installation could take place
-2016330912 0x87D13B60 The app is scheduled for installation, but needs a redemption code to complete the transaction
-2016341109 0x87D1138B iOS device has returned an error
-2016341110 0x87D1138A iOS device has rejected the command due to incorrect format
-2016341111 0x87D11389 iOS device has returned an unexpected Idle status
-2016341112 0x87D11388 iOS device is currently busy

Errors returned by iOS/iPadOS devices

Company Portal errors

Error text in Company Portal HTTP status code Additional error information
Internal server issue
Looks like you couldn't reach us due to an internal error on our server. Retry and then contact your IT admin if the issue continues.
500 error This error is likely caused by a problem on in the Intune service. The issue should be resolved on the Intune service side and is likely not due to issues on the customer side.
Temporarily unavailable
Looks like you couldn't reach us because our service is temporarily unavailable. Retry and then contact your IT admin if the issue continues.
503 error This is likely due to a temporary Intune service issue, such as the service being under maintenance. The issue should be resolved on the Intune service side and is likely not due to issues on the customer side.
Can't connect to server
Looks like you couldn't reach us. Retry and then contact your IT admin if the issue continues.
Not associated with an HTTP status code A secure connection to the server could not be made, likely due to an SSL issue with the certs being used. This issue may be due to customer configurations not being compliant with Apple's requirements for App Transport Security (ATS).
Something went wrong
The Company Portal client couldn't load. Retry and then contact your IT admin if the issue continues.
400 error Any error with an HTTP status code in the 400s that does not have a more specific error message will see this one. This is a client side error happening in the Company Portal app for iOS/iPadOS.
Can't reach server
Looks like you couldn't reach us. Retry and then contact your IT admin if the issue continues.
500 error Any error with an HTTP status code in the 500s that does not have a more specific error message will see this one. This is a service side error happening in the Intune service.

Service errors

Status code Hexadecimal error code Error message
-2016299111 0x87D1B799 Internal error
-2016299112 0x87D1B798 Internal error
-2016300111 0x87D1B3B1 36001:(internal error)
-2016300112 0x87D1B3B0 36000:Cellular already configured
-2016301110 0x87D1AFCA 35002:Multiple fonts in a single payload
-2016301111 0x87D1AFC9 35001:Failed font installation
-2016301112 0x87D1AFC8 35000:Invalid font data
-2016302109 0x87D1ABE3 34003:Kerberos principal name invalid
-2016302110 0x87D1ABE2 34002:Kerberos principal name missing
-2016302111 0x87D1ABE1 34001:Invalid URL match pattern
-2016302112 0x87D1ABE0 34000:Invalid app identifier match pattern
-2016304112 0x87D1A410 32000:Too many apps
-2016305111 0x87D1A029 31001:Cannot apply settings
-2016305112 0x87D1A028 31000:Cannot apply credential
-2016306111 0x87D19C41 30001:Timed out
-2016306112 0x87D19C40 30000:Authentication failed
-2016307109 0x87D1985B 29003:Bad certificate data
-2016307110 0x87D1985A 29002:
-2016307111 0x87D19859 29001:
-2016307112 0x87D19858 29000:Device not supervised
-2016308110 0x87D19472 28002:Cannot set wallpaper
-2016308111 0x87D19471 28001:Bad wallpaper image
-2016308112 0x87D19470 28000:Unknown item
-2016310111 0x87D18CA1 26001:File level encryption unsupported
-2016310112 0x87D18CA0 26000:Block level encryption unsupported
-2016311110 0x87D188BA 25002:Cannot remove
-2016311111 0x87D188B9 25001:Cannot install
-2016311112 0x87D188B8 25000:Bad profile
-2016312109 0x87D184D3 24003:Bad final profile
-2016312110 0x87D184D2 24002:Bad identity payload
-2016312111 0x87D184D1 24001:Cannot sign attribute dictionary
-2016312112 0x87D184D0 24000:Cannot create attribute dictionary
-2016313110 0x87D180EA 23002:Invalid server certificate
-2016313111 0x87D180E9 23001:Bad server response
-2016313112 0x87D180E8 23000:Bad identity
-2016314099 0x87D17D0D 22013:Invalid PKIOperation response
-2016314100 0x87D17D0C 22012:Cannot store CACertificate
-2016314101 0x87D17D0B 22011:Cannot generate CSR
-2016314102 0x87D17D0A 22010:Cannot store temporary identity
-2016314103 0x87D17D09 22009:Cannot create temporary identity
-2016314104 0x87D17D08 22008:Cannot create identity
-2016314105 0x87D17D07 22007:Invalid signed certificate
-2016314106 0x87D17D06 22006:Insufficient CACaps
-2016314107 0x87D17D05 22005:Network error
-2016314108 0x87D17D04 22004:Unsupported certificate configuration
-2016314109 0x87D17D03 22003:Invalid RAResponse
-2016314110 0x87D17D02 22002:Invalid CAResponse
-2016314111 0x87D17D01 22001:Cannot generate key pair
-2016314112 0x87D17D00 22000:Invalid key usage
-2016315105 0x87D1791F 21007:Cannot verify account
-2016315106 0x87D1791E 21006:Cannot decrypt certificate
-2016315107 0x87D1791D 21005:Account not unique (Email Profile already exists on device)
-2016315108 0x87D1791C 21004:Cannot create account
-2016315109 0x87D1791B 21003:No host name
-2016315110 0x87D1791A 21002:Cannot comply with encryption policy from server
-2016315111 0x87D17919 21001:Cannot comply with policy from server
-2016315112 0x87D17918 21000:Cannot get policy from server
-2016316110 0x87D17532 20002:Account not unique
-2016316111 0x87D17531 20001:No host name
-2016316112 0x87D17530 20000:Cannot create account
-2016317110 0x87D1714A 19002:Account not unique
-2016317111 0x87D17149 19001:No host name
-2016317112 0x87D17148 19000:Cannot create account
-2016318110 0x87D16D62 18002:Invalid credentials
-2016318111 0x87D16D61 18001:Host unreachable
-2016318112 0x87D16D60 18000:Unknown error
-2016319110 0x87D1697A 17002:Account not unique
-2016319111 0x87D16979 17001:No host name
-2016319112 0x87D16978 17000:Cannot create account
-2016320110 0x87D16592 16002:Account not unique
-2016320111 0x87D16591 16001:No host name
-2016320112 0x87D16590 16000:Cannot create subscription
-2016321109 0x87D161AB 15003:Invalid certificate
-2016321110 0x87D161AA 15002:Cannot lock network configuration
-2016321111 0x87D161A9 15001:Cannot remove VPN
-2016321112 0x87D161A8 15000:Cannot install VPN
-2016322110 0x87D15DC2 14002:Cloud configuration already exists
-2016322111 0x87D15DC1 14001:Device locked
-2016322112 0x87D15DC0 14000:Invalid field
-2016323107 0x87D159DD 13005:Cannot set up proxy
-2016323108 0x87D159DC 13004:Cannot set up EAP
-2016323109 0x87D159DB 13003:Cannot create WiFi configuration
-2016323110 0x87D159DA 13002:Password required
-2016323111 0x87D159D9 13001:Username required
-2016323112 0x87D159D8 13000:Cannot install
-2016324070 0x87D1561A 12042:Unknown locale code
-2016324071 0x87D15619 12041:Unknown language code
-2016324072 0x87D15618 12040:iTunes store login required
-2016324073 0x87D15617 12039:(unused)
-2016324074 0x87D15616 12038:App not managed
-2016324075 0x87D15615 12037:Invalid redemption code
-2016324076 0x87D15614 12036:Cannot remove app in current state
-2016324077 0x87D15613 12035:App cannot be purchased
-2016324078 0x87D15612 12034:URL is not HTTPS
-2016324079 0x87D15611 12033:Invalid manifest
-2016324080 0x87D15610 12032:Too many apps in manifest
-2016324081 0x87D1560F 12031:App installation disabled
-2016324082 0x87D1560E 12030:Invalid URL
-2016324083 0x87D1560D 12029:App not managed
-2016324084 0x87D1560C 12028:Not waiting for redemption
-2016324085 0x87D1560B 12027:Not an app
-2016324086 0x87D1560A 12026:App already queued
-2016324087 0x87D15609 12025:App already installed
-2016324088 0x87D15608 12024:Could not validate app manifest
-2016324089 0x87D15607 12023:Could not validate app iD
-2016324090 0x87D15606 12022:Invalid topic
-2016324091 0x87D15605 12021:Invalid request type
-2016324092 0x87D15604 12020:Unauthorized by server
-2016324093 0x87D15603 12019:Cannot copy escrow secret
-2016324094 0x87D15602 12018:Cannot copy escrow keybag data
-2016324095 0x87D15601 12017:Cannot create escrow keybag
-2016324096 0x87D15600 12016:Missing identity
-2016324097 0x87D155FF 12015:Cannot get push token
-2016324098 0x87D155FE 12014:Provisioning profile not managed
-2016324099 0x87D155FD 12013:Profile not managed
-2016324100 0x87D155FC 12012:MDM replacement mismatch
-2016324101 0x87D155FB 12011:Invalid MDM configuration
-2016324102 0x87D155FA 12010:Internal inconsistency error
-2016324103 0x87D155F9 12009:Invalid replacement profile
-2016324104 0x87D155F8 12008:Malformed request
-2016324105 0x87D155F7 12007:Not authorized
-2016324106 0x87D155F6 12006:Redirect refused
-2016324107 0x87D155F5 12005:Cannot find certificate
-2016324108 0x87D155F4 12004:Invalid push certificate
-2016324109 0x87D155F3 12003:Invalid challenge response
-2016324110 0x87D155F2 12002:Cannot check in
-2016324111 0x87D155F1 12001:Multiple MDM instances
-2016324112 0x87D155F0 12000:Invalid access rights
-2016325111 0x87D15209 11001:Custom APN already installed
-2016325112 0x87D15208 11000:Cannot install APN
-2016326111 0x87D14E21 10001:Invalid signer
-2016326112 0x87D14E20 10000:Cannot install defaults
-2016327106 0x87D14A3E 9006:Certificate is not an identity
-2016327107 0x87D14A3D 9005:Certificate is malformed
-2016327108 0x87D14A3C 9004:Cannot store root certificate
-2016327109 0x87D14A3B 9003:Cannot store WAPI data
-2016327110 0x87D14A3A 9002:Cannot store certificate
-2016327111 0x87D14A39 9001:Too many certificates in a payload
-2016327112 0x87D14A38 9000:Invalid password
-2016328112 0x87D14650 8000:Cannot install Web Clip
-2016329105 0x87D1426F 7007:SMTP account is misconfigured
-2016329106 0x87D1426E 7006:POP account is misconfigured
-2016329107 0x87D1426D 7005:IMAP account is misconfigured
-2016329108 0x87D1426C 7004:SMIME certificate is bad
-2016329109 0x87D1426B 7003:SMIME certificate not found
-2016329110 0x87D1426A 7002:Unknown error occurred during validation
-2016329111 0x87D14269 7001:Invalid credentials
-2016329112 0x87D14268 7000:Host unreachable
-2016330110 0x87D13E82 6002:Cannot create query
-2016330111 0x87D13E81 6001:Empty string
-2016330112 0x87D13E80 6000:Keychain system error
-2016331097 0x87D13AA7 5015:Cannot set grace period
-2016331098 0x87D13AA6 5014:Cannot set passcode
-2016331099 0x87D13AA5 5013:Cannot clear passcode
-2016331100 0x87D13AA4 5012:(unused)
-2016331101 5011:Wrong passcode
-2016331102 5010:Device locked
-2016331103 0x87D13AA4 5009:(unused)
-2016331104 0x87D13AA0 5008:Passcode too recent
-2016331105 0x87D13A9F 5007:Passcode expired
-2016331106 0x87D13AA3 5006:Passcode requires alpha characters
-2016331107 0x87D13A9D 5005:Passcode requires number
-2016331108 0x87D13A9C 5004:Passcode has ascending descending characters
-2016331109 0x87D13A9B 5003:Passcode has repeating characters
-2016331110 0x87D13A9A 5002:Too few complex characters
-2016331111 0x87D13A99 5001:Too few unique characters
-2016331112 0x87D13A98 5000:Passcode too short
-2016332093 0x87D136C3 4019:Multiple App Lock payloads
-2016332094 0x87D136C2 4018:Multiple APN or Cellular payloads
-2016332095 0x87D136C1 4017:Multiple global HTTPProxy payloads
-2016332096 0x87D136C0 4016:(Internal error)
-2016332097 0x87D136BF 4015:Replacement profile does not contain an MDM payload
-2016332098 0x87D136BE 4014:No device identity available
-2016332099 0x87D136BD 4013:Update failed
-2016332100 0x87D136BC 4012:Profile is not updatable
-2016332101 0x87D136BB 4011:Final profile is not a configuration profile
-2016332102 0x87D136BA 4010:Updated profile does not have the same identifier
-2016332103 0x87D136B9 4009:Device locked
-2016332104 0x87D136B8 4008:Mismatched certificates
-2016332105 0x87D136B7 4007:Unrecognized file format
-2016332106 0x87D136B6 4006:Profile removal date is in the past
-2016332107 0x87D136B5 4005:Passcode does not comply
-2016332108 0x87D136B4 4004:User canceled installation
-2016332109 0x87D136B3 4003:Profile not queued for installation
-2016332110 0x87D136B2 4002:Duplicate UUID
-2016332111 0x87D136B1 4001:Installation failure
-2016332112 0x87D136B0 4000:Cannot parse profile
-2016333111 0x87D132C9 3001:Inconsistent value comparison sense (internal error)
-2016333112 0x87D132C8 3000:Inconsistent restriction sense (internal error)
-2016334108 0x87D12EE4 2004:Unsupported field value
-2016334109 0x87D12EE3 2003:Bad data type in field
-2016334110 0x87D12EE2 2002:Missing required field
-2016334111 0x87D12EE1 2001:Unsupported payload version
-2016334112 0x87D12EE0 2000:Malformed Payload
-2016335102 0x87D12B02 1010:Unsupported field value
-2016335103 0x87D12B01 1009:Profile installation failure
-2016335104 0x87D12B00 1008:Non-unique payload identifiers
-2016335105 0x87D12AFF 1007:Non-unique UUIDs
-2016335106 0x87D12AFE 1006:Cannot decrypt
-2016335107 0x87D12AFD 1005:Empty profile
-2016335108 0x87D12AFC 1004:Bad signature
-2016335109 0x87D12AFB 1003:Bad data type in field
-2016335110 0x87D12AFA 1002:Missing required field
-2016335111 0x87D12AF9 1001:Unsupported profile version
-2016335112 0x87D12AF8 1000:Malformed profile

OMA response codes

Status code Hexadecimal error code Error message
-2016344008 0x87D10838 (1404): Certificate access denied
-2016344009 0x87D10837 (1403): Certificate not found
-2016344010 0x87D10836 DCMO(1402): The Operation failed
-2016344011 0x87D10835 DCMO(1401): User chose not to accept the operation when prompted
-2016344012 0x87D10834 DCMO(1400): Client error
-2016344108 0x87D107D4 DCMO(1204): Device Capability is disabled and User is allowed to re-enable it
-2016344109 0x87D107D3 DCMO(1203): Device Capability is disabled and User is not allowed to re-enable it
-2016344110 0x87D107D2 DCMO(1202): Enable operation is performed successfully but the Device Capability is currently detached
-2016344111 0xF3FB4D95 DCMO(1201): Enable operation is performed successfully and the Device Capability is currently attached
-2016344112 0x87D107D0 DCMO(1200): Operation is performed successfully
-2016345595 0x87D10205 Syncml(517): The response to an atomic command was too large to fit in a single message.
-2016345596 0x87D10204 Syncml(516): Command was inside Atomic element and Atomic failed. This command was not rolled back successfully.
-2016345598 0x87D10202 Syncml(514): The SyncML command was not completed successfully, since the operation was already canceled before processing the command.
-2016345599 0x87D10201 Syncml(513): The recipient does not support or refuses to support the specified version of the SyncML Synchronization Protocol used in the request SyncML Message.
-2016345600 0x87D10200 Syncml(512): An application error occurred during the synchronization session.
-2016345601 0x87D101FF Syncml(511): A severe error occurred in the server while processing the request.
-2016345602 0x87D101FE Syncml(510): An error occurred while processing the request. The error is related to a failure in the recipient data store.
-2016345603 0x87D101FD Syncml(509): Reserved for future use.
-2016345604 0x87D101FC Syncml(508): An error occurred that necessitates a refresh of the current synchronization state of the client with the server.
-2016345605 0x87D101FB Syncml(507): The error caused all SyncML commands within an Atomic element type to fail.
-2016345606 0x87D101FA Syncml(506): An application error occurred while processing the request.
-2016345607 0x87D101F9 Syncml(505): The recipient does not support or refuses to support the specified version of SyncML DTD used in the request SyncML Message.
-2016345608 =0x87D101F8 Syncml(504): The recipient, while acting as a gateway or proxy, did not receive a timely response from the upstream recipient specified by the URI (e.g. HTTP, FTP, LDAP) or some other auxiliary recipient (e.g. DNS) it needed to access in attempting to complete the request.
-2016345609 0x87D101F7 Syncml(503): The recipient is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the recipient.
-2016345610 0x87D101F6 Syncml(502): The recipient, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream recipient it accessed in attempting to fulfill the request.
-2016345611 0x87D101F5 Syncml(501): The recipient does not support the command required to fulfill the request.
-2016345612 0x87D101F4 Syncml(500): The recipient encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request
-2016345684 0x87D101AC Syncml(428): Move failed
-2016345685 0x87D101AB Syncml(427): Parent cannot be deleted since it contains children.
-2016345686 0x87D101AA Syncml(426): Partial item not accepted.
-2016345687 0x87D101A9 Syncml(425): The requested command failed because the sender does not have adequate access control permissions (ACL) on the recipient.
-2016345688 0x87D101A8 Syncml(424): The chunked object was received, but the size of the received object did not match the size declared within the first chunk.
-2016345689 0x87D101A7 Syncml(423): The requested command failed because the "Soft Deleted" item was previously "Hard Deleted" on the server.
-2016345690 0x87D101A6 Syncml(422): The requested command failed on the server because the CGI scripting in the LocURI was incorrectly formed.
-2016345691 0x87D101A5 Syncml(421): The requested command failed on the server because the specified search grammar was not known.
-2016345692 0x87D101A4 Syncml(420): The recipient has no more storage space for the remaining synchronization data.
-2016345693 0x87D101A3 Syncml(419): The client request created a conflict which was resolved by the server command winning.
-2016345694 0x87D101A2 Syncml(418): The requested Put or Add command failed because the target already exists.
-2016345695 0x87D101A1 Syncml(417): The request failed at this time and the originator should retry the request later.
-2016345696 0x87D101A0 Syncml(416): The request failed because the specified byte size in the request was too big.
-2016345697 0x87D1019F Syncml(415): Unsupported media type or format.
-2016345698 0x87D1019E Syncml(414): The requested command failed because the target URI is too long for what the recipient is able or willing to process.
-2016345699 0x87D1019D Syncml(413): The recipient is refusing to perform the requested command because the requested item is larger than the recipient is able or willing to process.
-2016345700 0x87D1019C Syncml(412): The requested command failed on the recipient because it was incomplete or incorrectly formed.
-2016345701 0x87D1019B Syncml(411): The requested command must be accompanied by byte size or length information in the Meta element type.
-2016345702 0x87D1019A Syncml(410): The requested target is no longer on the recipient and no forwarding URI is known.
-2016345703 0x87D10199 Syncml(409): The requested failed because of an update conflict between the client and server versions of the data.
-2016345704 0x87D10198 Syncml(408): An expected message was not received within the required period of time.
-2016345705 0x87D10197 Syncml(407): The requested command failed because the originator must provide proper authentication.
-2016345706 0x87D10196 Syncml(406): The requested command failed because an optional feature in the request was not supported.
-2016345707 0x87D10195 Syncml(405): The requested command is not allowed on the target.
-2016345708 0x87D10194 Syncml(404): The requested target was not found.
-2016345709 0x87D10193 Syncml(403): The requested command failed, but the recipient understood the requested command.
-2016345710 0x87D10192 Syncml(402): The requested command failed because proper payment is needed.
-2016345711 0x87D10191 Syncml(401): The requested command failed because the requestor must provide proper authentication.
-2016345712 0x87D10190 Syncml(400): The requested command could not be performed because of malformed syntax in the command.
-2016345807 0x87D10131 Syncml(305): The requested target must be accessed through the specified proxy URI.
-2016345808 0x87D10130 Syncml(304):The requested SyncML command was not executed on the target.
-2016345809 0x87D1012F Syncml(303): The requested target can be found at another URI.
-2016345810 0x87D1012E Syncml(302): The requested target has temporarily moved to a different URI.
-2016345811 0x87D1012D Syncml(301): The requested target has a new URI.
-2016345812 0x87D1012C Syncml(300): The requested target is one of a number of multiple alternatives requested target.
-2016345896 0x87D100D8 Syncml(216): A command was inside Atomic element and Atomic failed. This command was rolled back successfully.
-2016345897 0x87D100D7 Syncml(215): A command was not executed, as a result of user interaction and user chose not to accept the choice.
-2016345898 0x87D100D6 Syncml(214): Operation canceled. The SyncML command completed successfully, but no more commands will be processed within the session.
-2016345899 0x87D100D5 Syncml(213): Chunked item accepted and buffered
-2016345900 0x87D100D4 Syncml(212): Authentication accepted. No further authentication is needed for the remainder of the synchronization session. This response code can only be used in response to a request in which the credentials were provided.
-2016345901 0x87D100D3 Syncml(211): Item not deleted. The requested item was not found. It could have been previously deleted.
-2016345902 0x87D100D2 Syncml(210): Delete without archive. The response indicates that the requested data was successfully deleted, but that it was not archived prior to deletion because this OPTIONAL feature was not supported by the implementation.
-2016345903 0x87D100D1 Conflict resolved with duplicate. The response indicates that the request created an update conflict; which was resolved with a duplication of the client's data being created in the server database. The response includes both the target URI of the duplicate in the Item of the Status. In addition, in the case of a two-way synchronization, an Add command is returned with the duplicate data definition.
-2016345904 0x87D100D0 Conflict resolved with client's command "winning". The response indicates that there was an update conflict; which was resolved by the client command winning.
-2016345905 0x87D100CF Conflict resolved with merge. The response indicates that the request created a conflict; which was resolved with a merge of the client and server instances of the data. The response includes both the Target and Source URLs in the Item of the Status. In addition, a Replace command is returned with the merged data.
-2016345906 0x87D100CE The response indicates that only part of the command was completed. If the remainder of the command can be completed later, then when completed another appropriate completion request status code SHOULD be created.
-2016345907 0x87D100CD The source SHOULD update their content. The originator of the request is being told that their content SHOULD be synchronized to get an up-to-date version.
-2016345908 0x87D100CC The request was successfully completed but no data is being returned. The response code is also returned in response to a Get when the target has no content.
-2016345909 0x87D100CB Non-authoritative response. The request is being responded to by an entity other than the one targeted. The response is only to be returned when the request would have been resulted in a 200 response code from the authoritative target.
-2016345910 0x87D100CA Accepted for processing. The request to either run a remote execution of an application or to alert a user or application was successfully performed.
-2016345911 0x87D100C9 The requested item was added.
-2016345912 0x87D100C8 The SyncML command completed successfully.
-2016346011 0x87D10065 The specified SyncML command is being carried out, but has not yet completed.

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