AI Builder actions are disabled/deactivated

This article provides steps to activate AI Builder actions.

Applies to:   AI Builder


AI Builder actions are disabled/deactivated.


AI Builder can't be used if its actions have been deactivated.


To activate the actions, the administrator of the environment needs to perform the following steps.

  1. Sign in to the Power Platform admin center.

  2. Select the environment where the actions are deactivated.

  3. Select Settings > Resources > All legacy settings.

  4. From the Settings menu, select Processes.

  5. Select to display All Processes and activate the following AI Builder processes.

    • IsPaiEnabled
    • Predict
    • PredictionSchema
    • Train
    • QuickTest
    • BatchPrediction
    • ScheduleTraining
    • SchedulePrediction
    • ScheduleRetrain
    • UnschedulePrediction
    • UnscheduleTraining
    • CancelTraining
    • PublishAIConfiguration
    • UnpublishAIConfiguration


For more information, see Administer AI Builder.