Warning message that contains HkHostBackupGetCheckpointFileInfoV2 and 1000016 is logged in the SQL Server error log

This article describes a warning that occurs when backing up an in-memory database.

Original product version:   SQL Server 2016 Enterprise, SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Core
Original KB number:   4316959


Assume that you have an in-memory database in SQL Server. If you back up the in-memory database, you may notice that the following warning message is logged in the SQL Server error log:

[WARNING] HkHostBackupGetCheckpointFileInfoV2 (). Database ID: [21]. Not a valid checkpoint file name. FileName: ffffffdd-fffffb17-fffd.00000022-000004e8-0002.4b987b24-bf74-485d-b32e-e7ddfb496457.0-0. 1000016. (d:\b\s3\sources\sql\ntdbms\hekaton\sqlhost\sqlmin\hkhostbackup.cpp : 2958)

More information

The warning message starts with HkHostBackupGetCheckpointFileInfoV2 and ends with 1000016 in the FileName. Warning messages that have exactly these values are harmless, and you can safely ignore them. At some point SQL Server will delete them automatically.

The file in the $FSLOG folder is used internally for Filestream transaction integrity. SQL Server incorrectly interprets the warning message as a valid checkpoint of the in-memory database. In this case, SQL Server logs the warning to the SQL Server error log.