Segoe UI Historic font family


Segoe UI Historic is a font that supports a variety of historic languages, scripts and writing systems. These scripts are not in general everyday use, but are of interest to students, teachers, academics and other historic script enthusiasts. The style of glyphs included in the font generally aligns with the Segoe UI design, and on Windows this font serves as a fallback font for these languages, scripts and writing systems. The font contains original, licensed and open source components.

File name Seguihis.ttf
Styles & Weights Segoe UI Historic​
Designers N/A
Copyright © 2014 Microsoft. All Rights Reserved. Portions Copyright 2012 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved. Portions Copyright © 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.
Font vendor Microsoft Corporation
Script Tags dlng: 'Armi', 'Brah', 'Cari', 'Cprt', 'Egyp', 'Glag', 'Goth', 'Ital', 'Khar', 'Lyci', 'Lydi', 'Merc', 'Ogam', 'Orkh', 'Phli', 'Phnx', 'Prti', 'Runr', 'Sarb', 'Shaw', 'Syrc', 'Ugar', 'Xpeo', 'Xsux'
slng: 'Goth', 'Grek', 'Ital', 'Latn', 'Ogam', 'Runr', 'Syrc'
Code pages 1252 Latin 1
Fixed pitch False

Licensing and redistribution info

  • Font redistribution FAQ for Windows
  • License Microsoft fonts for enterprises, web developers, for hardware & software redistribution or server installations

Products that supply this font

Product name Font version
Windows 11 See the Windows 11 page.
Windows 10 See the Windows 10 page.

This typeface is also available within Office applications. For more information visit this page.

Style & weight examples

Segoe UI Historic

Change list:

Windows 10 version 1507 released on July 29, 2015

The Segoe UI Historic font was included as part of the desktop fonts.