Register a font vendor ID

The Vendor ID identifies the company responsible for the marketing and distribution of typefaces. It is reasonable to assume that there will be 6 vendors of ITC Zapf Dingbats for use on desktop platforms in the near future (if not already). It is also likely that the vendors will have other inherent benefits in their fonts (more kern pairs, unregularized data, hand hinted, etc.). This identifier will allow for the correct vendor's type to be used over another, possibly inferior, font file.

If you are making TrueType or OpenType fonts you should consider registering a four-letter 'Vendor ID' with us and include the ID in your fonts OS/2 table.

Registering or updating a Vendor ID

Font producers are under no obligation to register a Vendor ID with Microsoft. However, if they register with us and include their Vendor ID within their fonts, they will be assured that users will always be able to contact them, even if they change their Web or physical address.

To register or update your Vendor ID, e-mail the following information to

  • Vendor ID (Required)

    • The Vendor ID you'd like to register (The four-character identifier for the vendor of the given type face - certain combinations can't be accepted)
  • Foundry Name (Required)

    • The name of the foundry you are attempting to register.
  • E-mail Address

    • The e-mail address will not be shared publicly or to anyone outside of Microsoft.
    • It will be used only as needed to maintain the vendor registry. For example, if changes are requested to an existing ID, this e-mail address will be used to verify the request with the foundry.
  • Website

    • Link to the foundry website. This will be hyperlinked to the foundry name.
    • This is not required but does help others with contacting the font foundry associated with a vendor ID.


Please contact us at for any questions or concerns you may have.