Universal Print printer provisioning


Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) includes the ability to deploy Universal Print printers on users' Windows devices.

For more detail refer to Create a Universal Print policy in Microsoft Intune.

Universal Print CSP is currently available for Windows 11 and Windows 10 with July 2022 update or later.


Microsoft Endpoint Manager is working to add "uninstall" option in a future update to the MEM admin portal. In the meantime, printers can be uninstalled manually by the user.


Intune for Education is working to add this support to its admin portal. In the meantime, EDU customers can use the regular MEM admin portal to configure the policy

Known Limitations

  • Upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 11
    • Universal Print printers installed on to Windows 10 are visible to all users of that device even if the specific user account does not have permission access to the print queue.
    • In Windows 11, the behavior was enhanced so Universal Print printers are installed and visible only to the user account that installed the print queue.
    • When upgrading a Windows 10 device with existing Universal Print printers, these print queues will remain visible to all users using the device.


When an user uninstalls a Universal Print printer queue that was originally installed in Windows 10, then got upgraded to Windows 11, the printer queue will be uninstalled for all other users as well.

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