What is Universal Print

A Universal Print illustration.

Universal Print is a modern print solution that organizations can use to manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft. Learn how to get access.

Universal Print runs entirely on Microsoft Azure. When it's deployed with Universal Print–compatible printers, it doesn't require any on-premises infrastructure.

Universal Print is a Microsoft 365 subscription-based service that organizations use to centralize print management through the Universal Print portal. It's fully integrated with Microsoft Entra ID and supports single sign-on scenarios.

Universal Print can be deployed with non-compatible printers by using Universal Print connector software.


A Universal Print architecture diagram.

Component Description
Universal Print Cloud print service
Microsoft Entra ID User and device identity and authorization service
Office Data Storage Service Print queue data storage service
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Client device printer provisioning policy service
Microsoft Graph Printer management API
Universal Print connector A component that handles communication between printers and the Universal Print service
Universal Print ready printer A printer that has built-in support for communicating with Universal Print
Printer (without native UP support) A printer that needs to be registered using the Universal Print connector to communicate with Universal Print