InterstitialAd.AdReady Event


Raised when the interstitial ad is ready to be shown.

// Register
event_token AdReady(EventHandler<IInspectable> const& handler) const;

// Revoke with event_token
void AdReady(event_token const* cookie) const;

// Revoke with event_revoker
AdReady_revoker AdReady(auto_revoke_t, EventHandler<IInspectable> const& handler) const;
public event System.EventHandler<object> AdReady;
function onAdReady(eventArgs) { /* Your code */ }
interstitialAd.addEventListener("adready", onAdReady);
interstitialAd.removeEventListener("adready", onAdReady);
- or -
interstitialAd.onadready = onAdReady;
Public Custom Event AdReady As EventHandler(Of Object) 

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For walkthroughs and code examples that demonstrate how show an interstitial ad, see Interstitial ads and Advertising samples on GitHub.

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