AppInstance.GetActivatedEventArgs Method


Gets the current IActivatedEventArgs, the same that would normally be passed in to the OnActivated method of the app.

 static IActivatedEventArgs ^ GetActivatedEventArgs();
 static IActivatedEventArgs GetActivatedEventArgs();
public static IActivatedEventArgs GetActivatedEventArgs();
function getActivatedEventArgs()
Public Shared Function GetActivatedEventArgs () As IActivatedEventArgs


The current IActivatedEventArgs, or null.


This example gets the event arguments for the specified app instance.

IActivatedEventArgs activatedArgs = AppInstance.GetActivatedEventArgs();


This method gets the same arguments that would be passed in to the OnActivated method of the app.

This method allows the app to access its arguments much earlier, in its Main method, which is the first app method to be called.


For packaged apps, this method only returns arguments on its first call. Subsequent calls return null.

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