AppServiceResponseStatus Enum


Describes the status when an app tries to send a message to an app service by calling the AppServiceConnection.SendMessageAsync method. App service providers enable app-to-app communication by providing services that other Universal Windows app can consume.

public enum class AppServiceResponseStatus
/// [Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ContractVersion(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract, 65536)]
enum class AppServiceResponseStatus
[Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ContractVersion(typeof(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract), 65536)]
public enum AppServiceResponseStatus
var value = Windows.ApplicationModel.AppService.AppServiceResponseStatus.success
Public Enum AppServiceResponseStatus

Windows requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced in 10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced in v1.0)


AppUnavailable 6

The operation failed due to the app failing to start.

AuthenticationError 7

The operation failed due to unsuccessful account authentication. The user must re-validate the account to continue.

DisabledByPolicy 9

The operation failed, as the app service needed service or capabilities disabled by some policies on the local or remote device.

Failure 1

The app service failed to receive and process the message.

MessageSizeTooLarge 5

The app service failed to process the message because it is too large.

NetworkNotAvailable 8

The operation failed due to lack of an internet connection.

RemoteSystemUnavailable 4

The device to which the message was sent is not available.

ResourceLimitsExceeded 2

The app service exited because not enough resources were available.

Success 0

The app service successfully received and processed the message.

Unknown 3

An unknown error occurred.

WebServiceUnavailable 10

The operation failed because one or more necessary cloud services were temporarily unavailable.


Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1607 14393 MessageSizeTooLarge
1607 14393 RemoteSystemUnavailable
2004 19041 AppUnavailable
2004 19041 AuthenticationError
2004 19041 DisabledByPolicy
2004 19041 NetworkNotAvailable
2004 19041 WebServiceUnavailable

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