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BackgroundTaskRegistration.AllTasks Property


Enumerates an application's registered background tasks, except for the background tasks registered in a group with Windows.ApplicationModel.Background.BackgroundTaskBuilder.TaskGroup.

 static property IMapView<Platform::Guid, IBackgroundTaskRegistration ^> ^ AllTasks { IMapView<Platform::Guid, IBackgroundTaskRegistration ^> ^ get(); };
static IMapView<winrt::guid, IBackgroundTaskRegistration const&> AllTasks();
public static IReadOnlyDictionary<Guid,IBackgroundTaskRegistration> AllTasks { get; }
var iMapView = BackgroundTaskRegistration.allTasks;
Public Shared ReadOnly Property AllTasks As IReadOnlyDictionary(Of Guid, IBackgroundTaskRegistration)

Property Value

A view into a map of registered background tasks consisting of the task ID and an IBackgroundTaskRegistration interface.


The following example shows how to use the AllTasks property of the BackgroundTaskRegistration class to retrieve the existing background task registration object for your app's background task (if the task is currently registered).

// The name of the background task for your app.
string name = "ExampleTaskName";

// Get a list of all background tasks. The list is returned as
// a dictionary of IBackgroundTaskRegistration objects.
foreach (var cur in BackgroundTaskRegistration.AllTasks)
    if (cur.Value.Name == name)
        // Take some action based on finding the background task.
        // For example, unregister the task: cur.Value.Unregister(true);
        // Or, set a global variable indicating that the task is already registered

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