ConversationalAgentSignal.SignalEnd Property


Gets or sets the time span of the ConversationalAgentSignal end.

 property TimeSpan SignalEnd { TimeSpan get(); void set(TimeSpan value); };
TimeSpan SignalEnd();

void SignalEnd(TimeSpan value);
public System.TimeSpan SignalEnd { get; set; }
var timeSpan = conversationalAgentSignal.signalEnd;
conversationalAgentSignal.signalEnd = timeSpan;
Public Property SignalEnd As TimeSpan

Property Value

TimeSpan TimeSpan


If the SignalStart and SignalEnd time spans are the same, the signal is not a speech activation (for example, a keyboard press or Bluetooth activation).

If the SignalStart and SignalEnd time spans are different, the values indicate the position of the keyword utterance in the audio stream.

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