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DataPackagePropertySetView.ContentSourceWebLink Property


Gets a web link to shared content that's currently displayed in the app.

 property Uri ^ ContentSourceWebLink { Uri ^ get(); };
Uri ContentSourceWebLink();
public System.Uri ContentSourceWebLink { get; }
var uri = dataPackagePropertySetView.contentSourceWebLink;
Public ReadOnly Property ContentSourceWebLink As Uri

Property Value

The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the web link to shared content.


ContentSourceWebLink is a companion property that you use to attribute shared content. It's shared when the app provides a web link to the content being shared. When the user makes an explicit selection, the WebLink format isn't populated, because the value for the WebLink format isn't the same as the user's selection. Populating this info doesn't mean that the web page is the user's selection, only that the content comes from there.

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