Windows.ApplicationModel.LockScreen Namespace

Classes related to the Windows lock screen. Please note that creating a new lock screen is a feature not available to third party developers.



Allows the lock screen app to request that the device unlocks, and allows the app to register to be notified when the device begins to unlock.


Represents a lock screen badge for an app.


Provides access to the same data that the default lock screen has access to, such as wallpaper, badges, and so on.


Represents an unlock deferral. To show an unlock animation, your lock screen app must:

  • Register to be notified of unlocking via the Unlocking event.
  • In the Unlocking event handler, call GetDeferral.
  • Kick off an animation.+ When that animation completes, call Complete on the deferral to end the deferral.
  • Note: If the animation takes too long, your lock screen app will be terminated by the system and potentially removed as the user’s default lock app.

Represents the lock screen unlocking events.