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ProductLicense.ProductId Property


Gets the ID of an add-on (also called an in-app product or IAP). This ID is used by the app to get info about the product or feature that is enabled when the customer buys it through an in-app purchase.

 property Platform::String ^ ProductId { Platform::String ^ get(); };
winrt::hstring ProductId();
public string ProductId { get; }
var string = productLicense.productId;
Public ReadOnly Property ProductId As String

Property Value




The ID specified in Partner Center to identify this add-on.


The product ID is the string that the app uses to identify the add-on. You enter the product ID when submitting your add-on in Partner Center, where it is associated with the description, price tier and lifetime. For more information, see How to use product IDs for add-ons in your code.

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