UserActivity.ActivationUri Property


Gets and sets the activation Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

 property Uri ^ ActivationUri { Uri ^ get(); void set(Uri ^ value); };
Uri ActivationUri();

void ActivationUri(Uri value);
public System.Uri ActivationUri { get; set; }
var uri = userActivity.activationUri;
userActivity.activationUri = uri;
Public Property ActivationUri As Uri

Property Value

The activation URI.


If a UserActivity represented reading an RSS reader article, for example, you could set the activation URI to the URI of the article so that when the user taps on the user activity tile in the Timeline, the RSS reader app is reactivated:

userActivity.ActivationUri = new Uri("rss-reader:article?" + article.Link);


The activation URI provides a cross-platform activation context for the activity.

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