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BluetoothSignalStrengthFilter.OutOfRangeTimeout Property


The timeout for a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) event to be considered out of range.

 property IReference<TimeSpan> ^ OutOfRangeTimeout { IReference<TimeSpan> ^ get(); void set(IReference<TimeSpan> ^ value); };
IReference<TimeSpan> OutOfRangeTimeout();

void OutOfRangeTimeout(IReference<TimeSpan> value);
public System.Nullable<System.TimeSpan> OutOfRangeTimeout { get; set; }
var iReference = bluetoothSignalStrengthFilter.outOfRangeTimeout;
bluetoothSignalStrengthFilter.outOfRangeTimeout = iReference;
Public Property OutOfRangeTimeout As Nullable(Of TimeSpan)

Property Value

The timeout for an RSSI event to be considered out of range.

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The valid range for this property is equal or greater than 1 second.

If the RSSI events are currently considered in range, this is the timeout period during which if the received RSSI events have RSSI values less than or equal to OutOfRangeThresholdInDBm or no RSSI events are received, further RSSI events will be considered out of range. This timer is reset if received RSSI values are greater than OutOfRangeThresholdInDBm. If the events are currently out of range, this property has no effect.

When applied to LE advertisements, an advertisement with the minimum RSSI value (-127) will be generated to indicate that the advertisement went out of range.

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